The Epidemic of Headache & Migraine Pain

In Headaches by Dr. Donald Johnson

In the US, an over 45 million chronic headache/migraine pain sufferers are reported every year. The American Academy of Pain Medicine reports that 150 million workdays are lost annually to headaches/migraines.  And nearly 75% of those have never been properly diagnosed and, therefore, have never sought treatment beyond over-the-counter pain relievers.

However, with headache pain being so common (it’s among the number one reasons for doctor visit), it’s no wonder that many articles describe headaches to have reached epidemic status. To make research more difficult, headache is a broad term describing pain anywhere from the base of the neck to the head and face. Due to the way those parts of the body “feel pain,” often more than one type of pain is involved.  There is also an element of “referred pain”, which is headache pain originating from another ailment or part of the body, such as a neck, spine, or facial injury.

All headache pain refers to “force imbalances” that affect blood vessels, muscles, and nerves in the head, face, and neck region. The part of the brain that senses headache pain is called the trigeminal nucleus. This is the “spider web-like” structure of nerves that senses your face, ears, neck, and throat—and the reason why an injury or stress to any of those areas can cause chronic headache symptoms.

Typically once the type of headache pain is determined, treatment options are discussed. These have typically included one or a combination of herbal remedies, stress-reduction exercises, massage, acupuncture, non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAID), narcotic pain relievers, anti-seizure medications, chiropractic adjustments, anti-depressants, or sedatives.

Since everyone has a different definition of pain, level of intensity, duration, and level of debilitation from headache pain, it is difficult to create a regimen of treatments that can ease or remove pain in all patients. However, as headache pain is being realized as a medical affliction reaching epidemic proportions, research is being conducted to determine what the best treatment options are for the broadest spectrum of headache sufferers in order to achieve the longest-lasting relief.

Here at Heartfelt Headache Relief, we have a diagnostic test that reveals if the cause of your constant headaches and migraines is a bad balance in how your upper and lower teeth come together.  Every time you swallow, your teeth come together.  That’s about 3 thousand times a day — that’s about 1 million times a year — that’s about 10 million times in 10 years.  If a bad bite balance is the cause of your headaches and migraines, it can be treated and the pain can possibly be completely eliminated.

A bad bite balance is serious for your health.  Just try to walk around for one day with one shoe on and one shoe off.  By the end of the day you will have pain somewhere in your body!  What if you did this for a year?  What if you did this for 10 years?