Need relief from head and neck pain or tension? You’re not alone

In Neck Pain by Dr. Donald Johnson

Millions of people suffer every day with head and neck pain or chronic tension symptoms and have been looking for a long time for lasting relief from the pain!  They have looks to physicians and others without lasting success.

Many have tried over-the-counter solutions, home remedies, epilepsy drugs, surgery, and even narcotics.  These all end up providing little relief in the short-term. Some of the medications even cause more headaches!

The reason these solutions almost always prove ineffective relief is that they only address the symptoms, while the root cause is never addressed. Physicians simply do not have the diagnostic tools or experience to handle head and neck pain diagnosis properly when there are unbalanced tooth forces at work causing the pain.

Unless the root cause of your pain is properly diagnosed, long lasting relief is almost impossible to achieve. At Heartfelt Headache Relief in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, you may just find the answers you’ve been searching for all these years!

Dr. Johnson has state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and experience that could make the difference.  He uses a combination of a neuromuscular examination, a dental bite force analysis, and other cutting-edge diagnostic tools to uncover the root causes of pain in the head and neck — exposing tooth force imbalances with the highest degree of accuracy. He’ll show you where the pain is coming from and assign a drug-free, needle-free, surgery-free treatment to address the unique causes for your pain and restore harmony for you. His treatments bring balance to the tooth-related forces so lasting relief can be achieved.

Heartfelt Headache Relief uses time-tested and FDA-cleared state-of-the-art technologies to treat patients. Your treatment course may include such non-invasive therapies as: Cold Laser Therapy, Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound Technology, Manual Therapies, and Occlusal Equilibration.

The hope for real long-lasting head and neck pain relief is now a reality because of these latest advances. We can restore harmony where imbalanced tooth-related forces are causing the chronic head and neck pain.

At Heartfelt Headache Relief, you can expect the finest level of care available anywhere. Each treatment visit is painless, drug-free and needle-free. Treatment for your head and neck pain or tension can begin immediately upon completion of the initial diagnostic and examination protocols.

It is possible for you to be pain-free in under three months!