Headache & Migraine Pain Solutions

In Headaches by Dr. Donald Johnson

Headache and migraine pain are very common conditions.  Over 37 million people suffer from this type of pain in the U.S. alone. Some of these pain patients know exactly when the pain started, for example an accident or sports injury. Others don’t know when it started.

Most people with migraines and headaches patients seek help in the same places.  These include over-the-counter and prescription medications to get some relief, but the relief is temporary at best. Behavioral changes such as acupuncture, MRI, physical therapy, chiropractic, etc., are also used to decrease the frequency and severity of headache episodes.

Headache Pain and the “Medicate First” Mind-set

Headache/migraine sufferers often try to manage pain with over-the-counter drugs before they seek help from professionals. Most of them also change their behavior by avoiding triggers that they know start the headaches. But what happens when these things don’t work?  Usually they seek a physician to get pain relief. However, many physicians rely on drugs for pain relief.

And there is always the potential for medications to have serious side effects, to create serious health risks, and in some cases make the headaches worse.

There may be a Better Way!

Surprisingly, for many headache and migraine pain patients there might be a way that doesn’t involve either drugs or surgery and one that works long term. At Heartfelt Headache Relief, we offer a non-invasive treatment protocol that has the potential for long lasting relief. But it starts with finding the real cause of the headaches.  It may be neuromuscular problems that are the cause of the headaches and these can be rehabilitated for the patient resulting in long lasting relief from the pain. Our focus at Heartfelt Headache Relief  is on finding and treating the root causes of headache and migraine pain without drugs, needles, or surgery.

Reach out and give us a call at (208) 667-4551. Let us help determine for you what the real cause of your pain may be.  It may be a unbalanced force in your dental bite that is the real cause of your symptoms. This will probably be your first comprehensive examination for your symptoms and it could be your last! If you are found to be a candidate for our Heartfelt Headache Relief treatment, be prepared for a big change in your life!