New Imaging Technology

In TMJ by Dr. Donald Johnson

 Our practice uses the advanced T-Scan III system to help us see your dental occlusion (your bite) to increase detail and efficiency.  We employ many state-of-art technologies in our practice to increase patient comfort, shorten the length of patient visits, and improve the results of our treatment.  Dentistry is full of advancements that make the claim that they improve a dentist’s practice and give advanced solutions that are new for patients.  We carefully investigate each new innovation and new technology before introducing them into our practice to guarantee that everything is right for our practice and for our patients, no matter what their age is.  One recent technology we have added to our practice is T-Scan III system.

The T-Scan III system gives us a better analysis of our patients’ bite and better detailed results when we are determining how to adjust any one of our patient’s bite once there are symptoms of problems such as chronic headaches, TMJ (jaw joint) dysfunction, tooth pain, or facial pain.  T-Scan III records the real-time contact of teeth in 3 dimensions.  It records as the patient bites down (occludes) and moves the jaw side to side and front to back.  We can view the data in intervals as small as .01 seconds for the whole recording.  Altogether, the T-Scan III system helps the treatment of chronic headaches, TMJ problems, and other symptoms of a “bad” bite.

Call to schedule a free consultation at our office to see if a test with our T-Scan III system may be of help in determining the cause of your headaches, TMJ problems, toothaches, etc.